There is no doubt that basketball originated in the United States and is a very meaningful sport. Basketball can not only exercise and strengthen the body but also cultivate team spirit and cooperation among players. 

Having the right kind of basketball makes playing more enjoyable! So which brand is the best basketball?

As an introduction, I will provide you with an overview of the most popular basketball brands in the list below.

Without further ado, let’s dive into;

basketball brand


Founded in 1876, Spalding has a good reputation as a basketball brand, A sports equipment manufacturer that began with baseballs. More than 55 sports leagues and associations around the world have partnered with Spalding over the last three decades. In 2020, Spalding’s contract with the NBA expires and the cooperation ends.

Spalding began his baseball career with the Boston Red Sox in 1871, a team he led to 241 wins and designed every baseball that was used in the games.

Featured in Spalding basketball;

* It is difficult to leak and deform the ball, and it can be difficult to remove the glue. The basketball production process is complex and strict, and the ball is durable (The ball has been subjected to 20,000 impacts before leaving the factory)

* In addition to having a consistent circumference, the basketball also has an overall consistency better than the international special inspection standard (the difference in circumference is less than 2mm)

* It has a good feel for dribbling and a moderate bounce, and it has been around for 130 years, so many legends have been created with it.

* Guarantee of credit and after-sales service, within the warranty period, if there is a quality problem, it will be unconditionally returned.


A famous sports brand in the United States, Wilson was founded in 1913 in Chicago, USA. The main products include basketball, tennis, football, volleyball, rugby, golf, and sports protective gear.

The Ashland Manufacturing Company, Wilson’s predecessor, is a famous American sports brand. Among Wilson’s core sports products are basketball, soccer, rugby, baseball, volleyball, golf, footwear, and racquet sports (tennis, squash, and badminton).

A major category of Wilson’s products is basketball. The Wilson basketball, has many unique patented technologies, such as moisture absorption, wave cores, and rubber band grooves. In addition to being the designated ball for such events as the US NCAA championship, FIBA three-on-three competition, and KFC three-person basketball game, its spokespersons are Michael Jordan and Derek Rose.


Since 2008, Li-Ning has been developing high-quality, high-performance professional sports equipment for competitions and auxiliary equipment for training for professional athletes and amateur sports enthusiasts. These categories include ball games (football, basketball, volleyball, tennis) competition and training equipment, competitive sports (track and field, fencing, wrestling, boxing, martial arts, water sports, taekwondo, archery, weightlifting, bicycle), and training equipment.

Li-Ning sports equipment focuses on brand promotion and product innovation, realizes differentiated competitiveness, focuses on the essence of sports, and uses sports to inspire people’s desire and strength.

Professional sports equipment producer Li-Ning focuses on R&D, production, and sales of high-quality, high-performance equipment for competitions and training, with a goal of providing more professional products and better services for professional athletes.

The Li-Ning professional sports equipment project includes Li-Ning brand marketing resources and extensive participation in national professional events and amateur sports.


A world-renowned manufacturer of sports equipment and balls, Japan Molten Co., Ltd. was founded in 1958. Basketball, football, volleyball, handball, and other sports are among Molten’s main products. Molten balls are made with world-class materials, and professional technology, and produced by hand. It has always adhered to its brand, produced its products, and established its own sales network for nearly half a century. There are currently 7.5 million Molten professional balls produced each year

The Molten brand has regarded ‘For the real game’ as the agreement of the company, providing innovative technologies and perfect products. The company believes that only through this agreement can it contribute to the further development of the sports industry.

Among Molten Co., Ltd.’s core competitiveness areas are product research and development and marketing. Molten believes the sports industry should develop in terms of quality and marketing. The company’s strategy is to focus on these two areas as its core, with factory production as its periphery and expanding globally. Product R&D and brand promotion are Molten’s winning weapons.


Nike is a global sports goods corporation that started in 1972 and has created a revolution in the sports industry with its air cushion technology. In addition to its Forrest Gump shoes and Air Max series, the knife-shaped curved hook has a high degree of brand identity. 

A world-renowned sports brand, Nike takes its name from the Greek goddess of victory. The company produces sports equipment, clothing, footwear, and other equipment. Its headquarters are in Beaverton, Oregon, USA. A Nike trademark pattern is a small hook, simple and powerful, as fast as lightning, and it represents the speed and explosive power generated after using Nike sports products. 

Aside from enhancing high-tech sports performance, Nike sports shoes now pay more attention to fashionable appearance design and often partner with celebrities and influential individuals from all walks of life to release joint limited editions. Seventy percent of teenagers in the United States dream of owning a pair of Nike shoes.


Adidas was founded in 1949 in Germany. It is known for its football shoes. The Clover series is its classic product. Adidas is one of the world’s largest sports goods manufacturers. The Adidas company was founded in 1920 by Adolf Adi Dassler in Herzogenaurach, near Nuremberg, Germany, and produces sports goods. Adidas is known for its athletic footwear.

It was registered as Adidas AG on August 18, 1949. Adidas clothing and sports shoes are typically designed with three parallel stripes, which are also visible on its logo. The three stripes are Adidas’ distinctive features.

Many technological breakthroughs have been made by Adidas, and more than 700 of their patents have been obtained. One of Adidas’s most groundbreaking innovations is the screw-in stud. and many people think they contributed to the Germans winning the World Cup in 1954.

Adidas has also been FIFA’s official ball sponsor since 1970 and has provided game balls for every World Cup since. The Adidas brand sponsors many sports teams as well, such as football, rugby, and the NBA. 

Adidas has been providing innovative products to world-class athletes for nearly 70 years. Basketball superstars who choose Adidas products in the United States include James Harden, Derrick Rose, Damian Lillard, Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid, Brandon Ingram, Tim Duncan, Tracy McGrady, Jeremy Lin, and others. Adidas and the American Professional Basketball Association signed an 11-year global cooperation agreement on April 11, 2006, designating Adidas as the official jersey supplier for the NBA, WNBA, and NBA Development League.


It was founded in South Korea in 1965 as a foreign-invested sporting goods enterprise specializing in manufacturing sports goods. It mainly manufactures football shoes, protective equipment, tennis rackets, socks, bags, clothing, and other sports equipment.

Star Sports established Qingdao Synsheen Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. in 1991 with an investment of 7.6 million US dollars. With advanced production technology and a perfect quality inspection system, the STAR brand basketball, football, and volleyball products are all renowned internationally and are used in Korean professional leagues.

After being tested by the China National Quality Inspection Center, all products produced by the company are qualified products. STAR takes “quality first, reputation first” as its aim. It also develops football shoes and sports protective gear, tennis, badminton rackets, sports socks, sports bags, sports clothing, and sports accessories. Over the years, it has evolved into a comprehensive sporting goods manufacturer with a high level of international professionals. It sells products to Asia, America, Europe, and a wide range of other regions, and has gained the trust of more and more customers around the globe.


Founded in 1976 in France, it operates in the mass sports market and is known for its high quality and low price. Decathlon offers sportswear, equipment, and a variety of creative sports products for beginners and professionals. Its industrial chain control mode ensures high-cost efficiency for its products. 

Located in Europe, Decathlon is a sporting goods retailer. Its mission is to bring together mass sports under one roof, with retail operations in more than 20 countries and regions across the globe. A research and development center in Europe enables Decathlon to meet the needs of users and create products that enhance the sports experience. About 3,000 new products are introduced per year. In order to ensure cost-effective products for the public, Decathlon incorporates sporting goods design, research and development, manufacturing, logistics, branding, and retailing.


In 1989, it was founded and has grown into one of the most well-known sports goods brands in China. It produces sporting goods including shoes, running shoes, T-shirts, sweatshirts, training clothes, and other athletic products. Peak Group aims to become a century-old enterprise by creating an international brand. With a history spanning more than 30 years, it designs, develops, manufactures, distributes, and promotes ‘PEAK’ brand sports products. The categories include sports shoes, running shoes, T-shirts, sweaters, and training clothes., etc.

In 2005, Peak accelerated its “brand internationalization” strategy by jointly sponsoring the European Basketball All-Star Game, and the Stankovic Cup Intercontinental Basketball Tournament, as well as joining hands with NBA teams such as the Houston Rockets, Miami Heat, and San Antonio Spurs. Signing more than 20 NBA stars, such as Howard and Parker, and 21 tennis stars, such as Gwartsova, and supporting more than 10 national teams and National Olympic Committees such as Slovenia and New Zealand. Among Chinese sports brands, it has become an international sports brand with rich global resources.

Under Armour

Founded in 1996, Under Armour originated from a well-known high-end functional sports brand in the United States. Curry series basketball shoes are a representative line of the company’s products, which began with the production of tight, sweat-wicking sportswear. In North America, these basketball shoes have enjoyed high sales and market share since they were launched in collaboration with NBA star Stephen Curry.

Under Armour is an American sports and athletic equipment brand listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol UA. Baltimore, Maryland, is the company’s headquarters, and it produces sports equipment as its primary focus.

As a manufacturer of compression underwear, Under Armour produces sports uniforms (such as basketball and baseball uniforms) or shoulder pads (for sports such as American football and lacrosse). Aside from these items, UA also manufactures hoodies, regular T-shirts, long sports pants, and more. Under Armour led the way in producing moisture-wicking polyester sports gear. Nike (with the dri-fit Pro series) and Reebok (NFL gear series) followed suit later. Under Armour launched a football brand with the slogan “Click-Clack” in June 2006.


1) What are the basketball types?

A basketball can be classified into four types based on its specifications, including game balls and training balls.

(1) Size 7 basketballs, standard men’s game balls, weight 600-650g, circumference 75-76cm. It is a common standard specification for basketball balls and can be used by various groups.

(2) Size 6 basketballs, a standard ball for women’s games, weight 510-550 grams, circumference 70-71 cm. This basketball number is light in weight, making it suitable for controlling game strength for women.

(3) Size 5 basketball, a ball for youth games with weights of 470-500g and circumferences of 69-71cm. Suitable for teenage basketball, this ball is easier to handle and allows for better technical moves.

(4) Size 3 basketballs, children’s game balls, weight 300-340g, circumference 56-57cm. Kids can easily control the basketball since it is relatively small. Most children practice basketball with size 3 basketballs.

2) What are the common materials used in basketball?

Materials used in basketball are mainly divided into three categories: leather, rubber, and synthetic leather (PU, PVC). Rubber and PU are the most commonly used materials. Basketballs made from rubber are more wear-resistant and more affordable, but they do not have an inner liner, and their elasticity and feel are slightly stiff, so they are usually played for daily entertainment.

A basketball made of PU has good elasticity and hand feel, is waterproof and wear-resistant, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Basketballs made of leather provide the most excellent performance. They do not stick to sweat, the ball is comfortable to handle, and the elasticity is moderate. However, the price is relatively high and maintenance is necessary. It is usually used in professional games.

3) What is the basketball’s structure? 

Basketballs are composed of five parts: an inner bladder, a winding, a middle bladder, an outer surface, and a valve. An inner bladder is usually made of black rubber, wrapped with nylon threads to add protection, and it is located in the innermost layer of the basketball. As a supporting structure between the inner bladder and the outer surface, the middle bladder is also made of rubber. As an essential component of the basketball, its quality determines its elasticity.

A basketball’s outer surface directly influences how it feels and grips. Various materials for the outer surface are suitable for different playing surfaces due to their distinct characteristics. Basketball valves are where the ball is inflated, and their quality significantly impacts the basketball’s durability. Basketballs with high-quality valves remain inflated for extended periods, while those with low-quality valves may leak air. In routine use, submerge the basketball in water to check for bubbles, if bubbles appear, the valve is leaking, otherwise, it is intact.

4) What is the standard basketball color?

The standard game-use basketball color is deep orange or light brown-orange. The color orange is similar to that of the ground, and it can reduce eye fatigue, improve visibility, and allow players to focus better than white and other colors.

5) What is the difference between ordinary PU, moisture-absorbing, and microfiber PU leather?

Moisture-absorbing PU is smooth and sticky. When the weather gets cold, it will not harden, and it retains its astringency and flexibility. The microfiber PU material is more abrasion-resistant and smoother. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor courts. In comparison to regular PU leather, it offers greater strength, durability, moisture absorption, and comfort. It feels better, is more durable, and is more similar to real leather. After using this material for some time, the hand feel will improve, and the rebound will be fast and stable.