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Pregnant women often exercise for their health after pregnancy. However, because of pregnancy’s unique constitution, there are many things to take into consideration, which may affect the fetus negatively. 

Avoiding heavy exercise and choosing easy exercises such as walking and yoga is best. Can pregnant women play basketball? Let’s find out.

Can you play basketball while pregnant?

If you are pregnant, you should not play basketball. Playing basketball is a relatively strenuous activity, so don’t do it during pregnancy. Some people can easily miscarry during pregnancy if they run around playing basketball.

In pregnancy, you should avoid jumping sports to avoid premature birth or placental abruption. During pregnancy, you should participate in appropriate exercises, such as pregnant women’s exercises, yoga, walking, etc., and avoid vigorous exercise.

Can pregnant women bounce basketballs?

Pregnant women can still bounce basketballs.

A pregnant woman also needs some exercise after pregnancy. Pregnant women may also like basketball after pregnancy. The act of bouncing basketball helps pregnant women exercise their bodies and nurture their babies at the same time.

Women who exercise a lot during pregnancy will have a smoother delivery since exercise improves their physiques.

Exercise tips for pregnant women

1. Choosing the right type of sport and the right pace and intensity is up to each individual, not reluctance.

2. Exercise should be simple, effective, and regular. It should be done slowly, then at a moderate pace. Intensity should be moderate.

3. The principle of exercise type selection is to avoid physical contact, abdominal exercise, rapid explosiveness, jumping, hypoxia, and other forms of exercise.

4. Pregnant women have poor balance and should avoid falls during exercise; avoid running downhill, since downhill running is more harmful to joints and muscles than uphill running.

What sports are appropriate for pregnant women?

1. Walking

Taking a walk with expectant fathers can be very relaxing for expectant mothers because walking promotes blood circulation and digestion. Find an environment that is more conducive to walking, put on a pair of comfortable flat shoes, and take a walk with expectant fathers.

2. Swimming

Swimming is considered by experts to be the safest and most effective form of exercise during pregnancy. Swimming enhances physical strength, increases body flexibility, and improves cardiopulmonary function.

3. Exercise during pregnancy

Pregnancy exercise is the most common exercise for pregnant women today, since it is adapted to their actual situation, so it is safe and effective.

It is best to keep the body in the most relaxed state before doing it, such as emptying the bladder. It should not be done immediately after eating. The movements should be gentle and pregnant women should pay attention to the amount of exercise, frequency, and range of movements

4. Stretching

Pregnant women can benefit from stretching because it can keep them flexible and relaxed, and prevent muscle strain; they can also combine stretching with exercises that improve cardiovascular health for a more comprehensive exercise program.