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Many of us hear the term football league, which may seem unfamiliar to our friends who aren’t big football fans. In the heat of the World Cup, many fans want to know which are the top five football leagues and what they mean. Around the world, most countries have their football leagues. There are five commonly mentioned top five football leagues: the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, and Ligue 1. All five of these leagues originate from Europe and are considered the top five in Europe.

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Premier League (EPL)

The English Football League, the highest level of football in England, is regarded as one of the best leagues in the world. The world’s most successful and highest-revenue football league is known for its fast pace, intense competition, and numerous strong teams. There are 20 teams in the EPL, and the competition is played in a home-and-away round-robin format over 38 rounds. A win earns 3 points, a draw earns 1 point, and a loss earns 0 points. According to the accumulated points, the bottom three teams are relegated to the EFL Championship.

La Liga

In addition to being one of the top professional football leagues in Europe and the world, the Spanish Primera División is the highest level of football in Spain. Likewise, La Liga has 20 teams, and its rules are similar to those of the English Premier League. Segunda División is relegated to the bottom three teams in the points ranking.

Serie A

Serie A, Italy’s highest-level football league, is managed and operated by the Italian Professional League. It has 20 teams, similar to the EPL, and is known for its defensive emphasis. Serie B is relegated to the bottom three teams in the points ranking.


As one of the top-tier football leagues in the world, the Bundesliga consistently ranks among the leagues with the highest attendance average. Bundesliga teams play home-and-away round-robin matches over 34 rounds, using the same points system as the English Premier League. The bottom two teams in the points ranking are relegated to the Bundesliga B, while the team ranked third from the bottom engages in a playoff with the third-place team in the Bundesliga B. For the following season, the winner of the playoff secures a place in the Bundesliga.

Ligue 1

French Ligue 1 is the highest level of football in France, managed and operated by the French Professional Football League. Ligue 1’s bottom two teams are relegated to Ligue 2, while Ligue 2’s top two are promoted. The teams ranked 3rd to 5th in Ligue 2 and the team ranked 3rd from the bottom in Ligue 1 compete for one spot in Ligue 1 next season.

What are the top five football leagues in the world?

The “Top Five Football Leagues” are the English Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Serie A, and La Liga. They are all located in Europe, perhaps because Europe is the epicenter of world football and has the most competitive leagues. Modern football originated in the UK, and the English Premier League is the most popular and highest-revenue league in the world. The league’s commercial value is second only to La Liga, which is known for attracting football superstars, many of whom have won FIFA World Player of the Year awards. Bundesliga, which may not be as entertaining as the English Premier League and La Liga, is appreciated for its tactical discipline and practical approach, especially among Asian fans. Serie A, once dominant in the 80s and 90s, has declined in recent years. The league with the lowest influence is Ligue 1, which is characterized by more African players with strong physical skills and good personal qualities. However, tactical awareness and overall coordination are lacking, which is in conflict with the pragmatism style of world football.