Soccer Table, Cooler All In One    

  • keeps drinks ice cold for hours while you can enjoy a passionate soccer table game,So whether you want a stylish foosball table or a functional party cooler, you can have it all – with the IcyTable from Global Sail.




Product Description  

  • IcyTable is a brand new multi-functional product integrating a mini foosball and an ice bucket. A new combination of practicability and entertainment;
  • On top of the product is a mini foosball table with a piece of transparent tempered glass. Two sides of the glass are two bottle holders which can keep your bottles or cups from falling off, very creative and practical anti –slip design. Meanwhile, the transparent glass top won’t block your view from playing foosball game. Post forming PVC design was applied to the handles. Anti-slip material and simple humanized shape brings user more comfortable, easy and profound experiences. 




  • A suspended ice bucket is fixed on the middle of the product. Rounded bucket can easily be accessed from all sides. User-friendly rounded and smooth shape keeps you safe; and you don’t have to worry about leaving the table for refills.
  • Easy to drain by pulling plug after use or during use
  • Keep the cool, double the joy.



  • Central bar and base of the product: a sturdy and durable steel bar connects the circular base on one end, hold the whole product solidly,The circular base is not just stylish but also extremely easy to move, which makes the IcyTable a sturdy and marvelous creation. 



Product  Advantage

  • A brand-new and multi-functional creation. From its structure, overall build, parts combination, to almost all of the accessories, all differ from existing technique and design.



  • Mold design and material selection are what we care most; we chose materials conforming to relevant standard at design and manufacturingstage.  If the tempered glass breaks on impact, each of its broken pieces is in obtuse angles which won’t cause severe hurt to human body.
  • Each piece of tempered glass has three to five times more impact and bending strength than usual glass of same thickness. With good thermalstability, tempered glass can endure up to 300℃temperature difference, which is three times better than usual glass.




  • Material of ice bucket and mini game table is high strength resin, a thermoplastic high polymer material, with high tolerance and durability, good formability, and heat, acid, alkali salt resistance,Steel connecting bar and base, features a hardened powder coat or zinc plated finish for years of beauty, corrosion resistance and protection.
  • With strict control in production, high standard assembling and packing, we make sure that the IcyTable will be presented to our user flawlessly.
  • The product are patented, IcyTable, – The new definition of a fun life! 

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