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Tennis has captivated players and enthusiasts for generations because of its grace and intensity. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, a recreational player, or just getting started, choosing the right tennis racket is essential. The market is flooded with tennis racket manufacturers, each promising unprecedented performance and precision. Finding the right one might seem daunting.

Not to worry! In this blog post, we’ll simplify the process and present you with the best tennis racket manufacturers in the world. These manufacturers have earned their reputation for crafting rackets that ignite players’ passion and unlock their full potential.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

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The Wilson brand of tennis rackets is well-known both in the U.S. and overseas. The sales volume of tennis rackets is the highest in the world. Wilson is the tennis racket brand with the highest international market share. There is a very rich product line at Wilson, with new rackets being launched every year, ranging from entry-level to high-end rackets. 

There are many famous players who use Wilson rackets, including Federer, Tsitsipas, Serena Williams, and others. Wilson rackets are used by the top 30 ATP and WTA athletes in 2020. Wilson will become the official ball and threading partner of the French Open in 2020.

A major share of the tennis racket market was occupied by Wilson’s products. In terms of their technical features, Wilson’s mid-to-high-end rackets are divided into the Pro Staff Star series, Ultra series, Blade series, Burn series, Triad, and BLX series. In 2020, Wilson teamed up with Grand Slam event organizers to launch a joint series of racquets, which received a positive response from the market.

Pro Staff tennis rackets are similar in characteristics to those used by professional players. Professional tennis rackets are generally heavy, the racket head is light, the frame is thin, and the surface is small. These rackets are not easy to control, but they are ideal for strong players and those who are passionate about classic tennis and classic control characteristics. The double-layer cross-braided carbon fiber absorbs vibrations, improves feel, and reduces fatigue recovery time. It is perfect for offensive and control players who like a classic feel. There has also been a re-enactment of many intermediate rackets of the same style designed for professional players. These rackets are lighter, more balanced, and require fewer professional standards.

The game of tennis requires speed and power, so rackets with a high level of hardness are best for offensive and intermediate players. Rackets with higher hardness deform less when hit, transferring more power to the ball, and they attack faster and more powerfully than rackets with lower hardness, effectively compensating for the player’s lack of strength. Faster ball speeds can also improve hitting control, commonly known as “pointing where to hit”. The Ultra and Burn series represent Wilson’s high-hardness racquets. Most of these racquets have a hardness index above 70, are well-controlled, and are excellent topspin offensive racquets. In comparison to Ultra and Burn, Blade is more gentle on the arm and less powerful. It is commonly used in competitions. In the case of Blade 98, it has a relatively large triangular area and a stable racket structure. It is Wilson’s active-strength racket and is ideal for players with strong physical fitness. Several rackets in the Blade series offer different weights, head shapes, and stringing methods to meet the needs of different players.  

Wilson’s brand positioning is very varied. Big-name players prefer high-end professional products because of their excellent performance. Entry-level products are mostly replicas of pro rackets. This racket meets junior players’ training and advancement needs by being lighter and featuring an oversized head.


  • Origin: Austria
  • Year established: 1950
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Head, a renowned Austrian sports brand, is not only the official manufacturer of tennis balls, tennis rackets, and tennis bags for the ATP, Head is used by many champion professional players, including Djokovic, Murray, Zverev, Cilic, Berdych, Sharapova, Barty, etc. 

With products ranging from entry-level to high-end, Head’s tennis rackets are extremely cost-effective. Its main star series are Speed, Radical, and Instinct. Additionally, there is a Prestige series, an Extreme series, and a MxG series. HEAD has launched PRO, MP, MID, TOUR, and S five models in almost every series to serve players of all levels and styles.

There are two series of Head rackets: The l series and the S series. L series rackets have a long swing, and they are also Head’s top professional racket series. It is all decorated with the Head’s unique “L + number” logo. The larger the number behind your L, the less power the racket will have, but the stronger you will be. S stands for short swing. The broader the number behind S, the more powerful the racket’s power coefficient. When the user’s strength requirements are small, most of them are entry-level and casual shots.

There are two types of rackets used by professional players: L4 and L5. L4 has a lighter head, a smaller surface, and is more flexible to swing. It performs well at the net and the baseline. Murray’s Radical series battle racket is an L4 racket. Radical comes in four models: PRO is suitable for aggressive players who want to control rotation, MP is suitable for power control players, Lite is appropriate for teenagers, and S is perfect for beginners.

As compared to the L4, the L5 racket head is heavier, provides adequate swing power, and has elasticity and stability. Its powerful, heavy, and quick bounce is suitable for baseline offensive players and fast-break players with large swings. Djokovic’s Speed series is a typical example.

L3 rackets belonging to Extreme and Sharapova’s Instinct series are relatively light, with unstrung weights generally below 300 grams. Since Head launched the graphene tennis racket in 2012, graphene has become Head’s standard publicity angle. With graphene, the racket material can be strengthened, the weight can be optimized, and the control capability, speed, and shock absorption ability can be enhanced. Tennis superstars Verdasco and Gauff introduced the HEAD SPEED 360+ series to the Australian Open in 2020. 


A well-known tennis brand in France, Babolat is a leading product supplier in the world of ball strings and accessories. Its stringing machines are considered special equipment by the ATP for their high performance and professionalism. Over 50% of the world’s top 100 tennis players only use Babolat strings and accessories. Tennis racket manufacturer Babolat is also quite influential in the racket segment. It invented the “racquet diagnostic center” in 1992, which can detect various indicators of a racket within two minutes. Many tennis rackets are tested at Babolat’s testing center. In 2014, Babolat became an official Wimbledon Tennis Championships partner for rackets, shoes, bags, and accessories (excluding Japan).

Babolat primarily targets the mid-to-high-end market, and there are relatively few racket series models available. Pure Drive (PD) is the most popular and highest-selling racket in history. From beginners to advanced players, this versatile racket combines speed, spin, and strength. It has high fault tolerance and strong elasticity. It can deliver powerful shots at the baseline and net. To maintain its performance, Babolat adjusts and optimizes the parameters of PD.

Areo rackets are based on PD parameters, also called APD, a tennis racket specifically designed for Rafael Nadal. Babolat optimized the frame structure of the racket according to Nadal’s super spinning style of play, reducing wind resistance, allowing the player to have a faster swing speed, increasing the hit, and adding more topspin. Therefore, the Areo series outperforms PD in terms of ball control and stability.

In tennis, topspin is an extremely important style that features precise landings, a low error rate, and a great deal of variability, making it difficult for opponents to parry. Forehand topspin also makes Nadal one of the strongest tennis players in the world. Specifically designed to facilitate topspin play, Babolat has altered the position of the racket’s triangle area and the sparsity of the string bed. However, to play standard and high-quality topspin, players need to master the core technique through professional training. The racket optimization is merely an aid.


The Prince brand began in the 1970s as a manufacturer of tennis machines. Today, it is one of the most famous sports goods manufacturers, covering clothing, shoes, accessories, and more. Prince introduced two revolutionary concepts in tennis racket research: “Oversize” and “Longbody”, which defined the form of the shape of rackets, and other manufacturers started making larger rackets with longer handles. The paint on Prince tennis rackets is one of the best among several famous brands. Its rackets embody the best designs and the most beautiful appearances.

A new racket from Prince, the O3, was introduced in 2005. In contrast to previous products, O3’s design, which omits the wire protection tube and large wire hole, has a more sparse string bed, a larger square area between horizontal and vertical lines, and improved rotation performance. The hollow part of the racket’s frame is large, which reduces wind resistance and improves swing speed. A drawback of this swing is that it feels too light, and the player must exert force to hit the real feeling. The O3 racket is still worth considering for players who like to swing with lightness.

In recent years, Prince introduced TeXtreme technology, a woven carbon structure used in motorcycle parts and F1 racing cars. It is 20%-30% lighter than carbon fiber materials, which allows rackets to be harder without adding additional weight. As a result, the racket’s own torsion resistance and hitting stability will be improved, while the hitting feel is restored under the premise of improving strength and rotation.

Tennis fans love TEXTREME TOUR 95, often called the “Artifacts of the one-hander and backhand”. Both the Japanese and international versions of this racket are available. The Japanese version is lighter at only 310 grams, while the international version weighs 320 grams. With a lightweight design, TOUR 95 still has good strength and stability. It is more powerful than Babolat PD and has better ball control than Wilson PS97. It is suitable for offensive players. Despite this, the racquet’s surface hardness is only 60, making it the softest racquet of all. It requires a high level of player control, and beginners may have difficulty adjusting to it.


Among badminton fans, Yonex is the world’s most popular racket brand due to its consistent quality and durability. As for tennis, its performance is also very good; many big-name players use Yonex rackets, including Wawrinka, Hingis, Kyrgios, Naomi Osaka, etc. The Yonex tennis racket is becoming increasingly popular among young tennis players, catching up to other well-known brands.

The company initially specialized in the manufacturing of mid-to-high-end tennis rackets and has gradually introduced leisure training rackets and children’s rackets. Tennis rackets from Yonex can be divided into the EZONE series, VCORE series, ASTREL series, and youth series, among which the EZONE and VCORE series are the most popular.

Square racket heads are the main selling point of the EZNOE series. In comparison to the traditional round rackets, square racket heads increase sweet spot area (increased by 7%) by optimizing the string bed of the net cable, thereby improving the racket’s fault tolerance. In general, the EZNOE series is lighter than 350 grams, and it provides better ball control and higher-quality handling in front of the net. However, the feel is relatively light, and players with insufficient strength cannot use it to hit powerful balls. A professional bottomline racket like the EZNOE 98 used by Naomi Osaka is designed to rely on strength. The stronger the player, the more precise the ball control, and the more comfortable the arm becomes.

A VCORE racket is better suited to intermediate and advanced golfers because it has a low hardness and small racket face. This means it is more challenging for unskilled players. To cater to the needs of different players, VCORE offers rackets of varying weights and lengths, so players can choose according to their preferences. ASTREL series racquets have a large face area and are light in weight, making them very suitable for juniors. 

All of Yonex’s high-end rackets are manufactured in the country of origin, with the highest quality control and workmanship. Today, world-renowned brands are demonstrating their competitiveness in new racket technology.

As an example, Yonex’s Isometric and Micro Offset Layout technology increases the sweet spot and shock absorption. This makes the racquet more comfortable. As its effects vary from person to person, you should try it out first before buying to determine whether it is right for you.


The British company Dunlop was founded in 1888, first gaining fame for its tires, then developing and manufacturing sporting goods. Its racquet products are extremely popular in Europe and the US, where it has earned a reputation as the “racquet expert”. Dunlop is always ahead of its competitors. Its sporting goods are memorable in design and appearance. In fact, Dunlop was the first company to produce racquets with long handles, and other companies followed when they saw the potential for profit.

In order to improve its technology of tennis rackets, Dunlop has designed the racket frame to be similar to shark skin. It uses its unique corrugated material to form a streamlined surface. The tiny grooves on the surface can effectively reduce the resistance of the racket in the air, as well as improve swing speed, reaction rate, and handling. Dunlop announced in 2019 that it would cooperate with BASF to incorporate Boost technology into tennis racket frames for improved shock absorption. Boost technology extends the sweet spot by 30% on rackets using this technology.

Force 100 is a well-known all-around ball in the industry, similar to Babolat’s PD, but priced lower. The Force 100 racket has a 100-square-inch surface, which has high fault tolerance and ensures the battery life of the attack and the stability of multiple shots. The 68 racket hardness is softer than PD, which reduces arm recoil. There is the same 16×19 open string bed as PD, and it performs well in spin tests. In spite of multiple rounds of high-intensity confrontation, Force 100 will not be too burdensome, as it weighs around 295g. Force 100 is an excellent choice for consumers with a budget of around USD120.


Founded in 1880, Volkl is a well-known sports brand with a long history and high user loyalty. It is a brand with character. Volkl spray-painted German Engineering on the handle of his racquet to show his pride in product design and workmanship. Volkl tennis rackets are the king of rackets. US Tennis Magazine said the newly released Volkl V1 was very comfortable to hold.

The Super G8 is a Volkl top racket, with a test score exceeding 80 points on the Tennis Warehouse website in the United States. Weight of 315 grams unstrung While not everyone is capable of controlling it, While it is flexible in its swing, it also has the stability of a heavy racket, making it a reliable racket for both forehand and backhand applications.

This racket’s biggest disadvantage is that it is heavy and puts pressure on the arm. Using it for a long time will cause fatigue. It is not suitable for players who are just starting out.

The Super G8 is a Volkl top racket, with a test score exceeding 80 points on the Tennis Warehouse website in the United States. Weight of 315 grams unstrung while not everyone is capable of controlling it. While it is flexible in its swing, it also has the stability of a heavy racket. This makes it a reliable racket for both forehand and backhand shots. The biggest disadvantage of this racket is that it is very heavy and heavy on the arm. Serving for long periods can cause fatigue, so I do not recommend it for entry-level players.


The tennis racket brand Tecnifibre was founded in 1979 in France. A variety of tennis products are available, including rackets, tennis balls, strings, and accessories. Stringing machines and high-quality strings from the brand enjoy a strong reputation in the professional tennis community for their professional quality.

Tecnifibre is a brand under the French company Major Sports, which specializes in tennis-related products. In addition to its stringing machines and premium strings, the company’s offerings are known for their quality.

Brand History:

Major Sports was founded by Thierry MAISSANT in 1979. With the help of Cousin Frères, chemical engineer Robin conceptualized “Tecnifibre” tennis strings in 1980. There was a collaboration between Major Sports, Robin, and Cousin Frères. For two years, Ion Tiriac collaborated with Major Sports as a technical advisor for Tecnifibre.

Major Sports began selling stringing machines produced by Spenle Pizzera in 1985. Aside from providing strings for players, Tecnifibre also provided stringing services for global tournaments. Major Sports began selling Roland Garros tennis balls globally in 1995. MSp was established in 2000 when Major Sports acquired a tennis manufacturing factory in Thailand. MSP produces 12 million tennis balls annually. Tennis rackets and tennis balls were introduced to the market by Tecnifibre in 2003.


A well-known brand in China, Teloon is the drafting unit of the GB/T22754-2008 “Tennis” standard. In addition to 47 national patents, Teloon developed the pound tennis ball, which has become the official ball of the Chinese National Tennis Team. In terms of cost performance, Teloon is superior to international brands. 

Bonny and Teloon have similar options when it comes to professional racquets. A Teloon racket has a large surface and a slightly higher hardness. It performs well for hitting the ball and relaying pushbacks. It is a cost-effective choice for daily training.No matter what model Teloon’s racquet is, there is essentially no difference in performance, and it is not aimed at any particular player. If you are a beginner and are looking for an affordable racket to try, Denon will be a good choice.