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Volleyball, a sport that is fast-paced and competitive, is also home to an impressive roster of talented athletes. We will explore the top 10 most beautiful volleyball players in the world for the year 2023 in this blog post. In addition to their exceptional skills on the court, these athletes also captivate with their stunning looks and charm. Let’s dive into the world of volleyball beauty!

1. Altynbekova Sabina


Sabina Altynbekova, born on November 5, 1996, is a Kazakh volleyball player. Currently, she is studying at university. Her father is a skiing athlete, and her mother is a track and field runner. The Asian Cup Youth Women’s Volleyball Tournament began in Taipei on July 16, 2014. Sabina represented the Kazakhstan women’s volleyball team in the competition. She was dubbed “12-body beauty” by netizens because of her height of 182cm, leg length of 120cm, and model-like proportions.

2. Sheilla Castro

Sheilla, one of the key players in the Brazilian women’s volleyball team, is one of the few glamorous players in the world. She has an incredibly charming personality. In addition, her excellent physical fitness contributes to her outstanding attacking and blocking abilities. With comprehensive and distinctive technical skills, Sheilla is a balanced offensive and defensive player. She is a headache for opponents and a key defensive target. It is well deserved that she is recognized as the best opposite hitter in women’s volleyball today.

3. Francesca Piccinini

A renowned Italian female volleyball player, Francesca Piccinini was born on January 10, 1979, in Massa, Italy. Piccinini is the most radiant star in the volleyball world today, standing 184cm and weighing 71kg. As well as her outstanding attacking power, she is also known for her passionate and lively temperament as well as her naturally charming appearance. Her strong attacks from the fourth position often intimidate opponents, and her figure is also exceptionally alluring, earning her the title of “volleyball sexy queen” in Italy.

4.Nataliya Goncharova

Nataliya Goncharova (N-Goncharova) is a Russian volleyball player who plays as an opposite hitter and main attacker. Her sister also plays in the Russian Volleyball League, and Natalia is a key member of the Russian national team. It is Goncharova’s weak defense and average passing skills that she needs to improve, but she excels in attack. One of the best young Russian players, she is a standout. Through dedication and an impressive performance, she helped the Russian team secure a ticket to the London Olympics in 2011 by replacing a key player and partnering with Gamova as the main attacker. Additionally, she won the 2010 Women’s Volleyball World Championship and was named MVP of the 2016 FIVB World Grand Prix.

5. Alisa Manyonok

The Russian volleyball player Alisa Manyonok, born in 1995, stands 180 cm tall. She attended Kazan National University and trained in swimming for 11 years before pursuing volleyball. Her routine included outdoor activities, rock climbing, and dancing. Alisa even won the Miss Russia beauty contest. As the new volleyball goddess, her adorable appearance, reminiscent of a Barbie doll, gained her popularity on the internet.

6. Neslihan Demir Darnel

Turkish volleyball player Neslihan Demir Darnel is known for her excellent jump serves, powerful attacks, and angelic face. She became a global volleyball star and carried the Turkish flag as the captain at the 2012 London Olympics. For the Turkish women’s volleyball team, Demir is also a scoring weapon. During the 2003 European Championship, she represented Turkey, helping the team win the silver medal and gaining fame.

7. Kozuch

The German volleyball player Kozuch, born on October 30, 1986, has played 336 matches for the national team. As a result of her efforts, Germany won silver medals at both the 2011 and 2013 European Championships as well as the championship at the 2014 Swiss Volleyball Cup. Playing in Germany, Italy, Russia, Poland, Azerbaijan, and China, Kozuch has a wealth of professional league experience. She partnered with Feng Kun, the captain of the Chinese “Golden Generation,” during the 2008-2009 season, helping the Italian club Novara secure the runner-up position in the Italian A1 League and win the European Cup.

8. Sanja Malagurski

Sanja Malagurski, a member of the Serbian national volleyball team, participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where Serbia finished eighth, and won the 2011 European Championship. For the Serbian women’s national volleyball team, she played in six Olympic matches and eleven World Championship matches.

9. Kaoru Sugayama

Kaoru Sugayama, born in 1978 in Japan, is a Japanese woman who stands at 168 cm tall. A tall, slender figure and elegant appearance make her stand out in volleyball. Her inner self still has a deep love for Eastern traditional culture and a special interest in Chinese martial arts. This Japanese beauty has a modern touch with her love of pop music and comedy films.

10. Saori Kimura

Saori Kimura, born on August 19, 1986, in Yashio, Saitama, Japan, is a well-known Japanese volleyball player. In high school, she made the Japan women’s national team for five consecutive years and the final 12-player roster for four years. In 2004, Kimura participated in the Athens Olympics and gained widespread attention for her excellent performance. She became the core figure of the Japanese national team after the London Olympics in 2012. Saori Kimura announced her retirement after the season ended on October 11, 2016.