In the global sports world, Soccer ball is the most influential single sport, known as “the world’s first sport”.  A fan’s heart always beats faster whenever they see their favorite stars dribbling, passing, and shooting on the pitch.

But how much do you really know about football? What are the different types of soccer ball? and what is the different sizes of the soccer ball?

Interested in learning more? Let’s check it out.

What Different Types of Soccer Ball?

1. The Modern Football

In the 19th century, football was invented in England. Humanity has entered the 20th century, and football has followed.

The legendary head of the enemy on the battlefield, or the ten thousand people playing soccer between two cities, is a thing of the past. Modern football is about to begin, and gradually formed a professional league.

In 1903, Belgium, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Spain, and other countries negotiated the establishment of an international football organization, but England, as the birthplace of football, was not enthusiastic about the idea.Nevertheless, football started spreading to Europe and the Americas.

As early as 1893, British immigrants established the Genoa team in Italy. In 1899, the British and Italians joined forces to establish today’s AC Milan.

In 1899, Italian football started the Federal Championships. Genoa won six titles in the previous seven seasons, and AC Milan won the title in 1901.

In South America, football was also introduced by British sailors and immigrants. Sir Lipton founded the Lipton Cup, a rivalry between Uruguay and Argentina.

Nowadays, there are five major European soccer leagues (Serie A, Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1).

2. American Football

It is a form of rugby derived from English football, which was introduced to the United States from England. In the mid-nineteenth century, a football-like game was often played in the eastern United States, in which players scored points by kicking the ball over the opponent’s goal line.

The sport of American football consists of teams with up to 30 players, sometimes more. Since it used to be kicked, it was called FOOTBALL, which means football. It is still used today, and some people still refer to it as American football.

As football was introduced in the United States, the rules changed, including the ability for players to pass the ball forward. Players are required to wear protective gear and helmets since they often collide with opposing players.

American football is one of the most popular competitive sports in the United States. The game’s objective is to gain the opponent’s touchdown zone by holding or throwing the ball. It is possible to score by holding the ball over the baseline, throwing it to a teammate behind the baseline, or shooting the ball straight through the middle of two goalposts.
At the end of the game, the team with the most points wins.

Originally, Harvard students played a ball game called “–“, which involved running the ball over opponents.The first college football game was played in 1869 between Rutgers and Princeton. American football became widely popular in colleges after the end of the American Civil War.
At first, the game resembled English football, but Yale coach Kemp (Walter Camp) improved it to be more like football.

As a result of violent collisions and death reports during the game, President Theodore Roosevelt altered the rules of the game, but the sport did not cease to exist.

3. Street Football

The origins of street soccer can be traced back to Brazil and Europe.

Over the years, street football has evolved into a unique street culture that combines such elements as one-on-one singles, three on three cage competitions, fancy free style shows, hip-hop, and street music.

In addition to providing infinite freedom and imagination space for the body and mind, the street foot is highly sought after by young people.

4. Offensive Football

As the name implies, offensive football is a tactical play in football games. Offensive football refers to a play in which the defensive range is relatively large, the opponent is often pressed in the opponent’s half, a siege is set up, and attack is made on the spot after the opponent is grabbed, so that it can always create a situation of suppression.

What Soccer Ball Size Should I Buy?

Size 5 soccer ball, Diameter 21.5cm, standard 11v11 match

Size 4 soccer ball, Diameter 19cm, 5 a side or 7 a side game

Size 3 soccer ball, Diameter 18cm, suitable for child training session

Size 2 soccer ball, Diameter 15cm, suitable for kids

Size 1 soccer ball, Diameter 8cm,  suitable for kids