What are the types of sports shoes that can be used? Sports have grown in popularity lately, and people have also begun paying attention to sports shoes. There are a variety of sports shoes for different sports types and intensities, such as running shoes, jogging shoes, sneakers, etc. I will be compiling a list of different types of sports shoes here in the hope it will be helpful.

Various Types of Sports Shoes and Their Features

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Basketball Shoe

It is generally made with a water ripple or herringbone pattern sole, thin leather upper, and is usually medium top or high top to protect the ankle.

The impact force on the side of the foot of a basketball player when bouncing is ten times their body weight; when sliding sideways, it is 2-3 times their body weight.

In order to absorb shock, basketball shoes must have a strong shock absorption force, and their outsoles are usually made from shock-absorbing materials such as rubber or EVA.

Tennis Shoe

It is important that tennis shoes have wear-resistant soles since tennis courts are usually hard courts. Tennis shoes usually have rough water ripples. Rubber soles are usually used because tennis courts are rougher than basketball courts.

Uppers are mostly short, there are rubbers, and the forefoot is wider.

In tennis shoes, the heel bottom is usually retracted inward with a small slope. Because it is retracted, the heel is cut a little bit, which can adjust the center of gravity and keep the body stable. In the middle of the sole, a bridge design provides lateral stability, prevents sprains, and protects the ankle.

Running Shoe

There is a slight warp in the toe and heel, like a boat. In running shoes, the forefoot is wide, the toe cap is rubber, and the shock generated while running is equivalent to 2-3 times your body weight, so the midsole is generally designed with high-density, long, thick shock absorption.

In addition, people will produce a great deal of sweat during strenuous exercise, which accumulates most in the sole of their feet, so ventilation and breathability are very important in running shoes. Mainly nylon mesh uppers are used in running shoes to increase breathability.

Football shoe

There is no doubt that football shoes are easier to identify. They are generally much more dexterous, and the shoe body is thinner and fits more comfortably.

One of its most notable features is the molded studs and convertible studs on the sole, which provide a good grip on the football field. There is obvious stitching on the toe cap and vamp, which prevents deformation.

Comprehensive Training Shoe

It is suitable for people who practice a variety of sports and only practice a few times a week. There are two types: Speed and Training

The toe of the training type is slightly warped with rubber turned over, and the upper is made mostly of nylon mesh; A speed type is similar to a running shoe.

Aerobic Shoe

Generally high-top and relatively light. Non-deep sole patterns are suitable for sports on carpets; deep or multi-directional sole patterns are suitable for sports on wooden floors

Skateboard Shoe

Known as “casual shoes”, these shoes are relatively light and have a rubber sole that improves grip, which allows the skateboard to be gripped more effectively.

Hiking Shoe

Hiking in the wild often means stepping on sand, walking on uneven ground, and crossing mountain streams.

Since hikers carry heavy backpacks on their shoulders, which are prone to sprains and slips, hiking shoes are generally mid-top and have bumps on the soles to enhance grip.

Climbing Shoe

These shoes are generally heavy, very strong, and tough, and require extremely good heat retention due to harsh environments and cold, windy climates.

Professional high-altitude hiking boots are generally double-layered if you’re hiking on a snowy mountain. The outer boots are made of plastic, and the inner boots are made of warm, breathable materials that can withstand temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius. Crampons and snowboards can be used with these full hard-soled shoes.