Exercise increases height growth, not only by strengthening our bodies but also by promoting the secretion of growth hormones in growing children and helping promote faster bone growth.

Children’s height growth is mainly promoted by jumping sports such as rope skipping, playing basketball, and standing long jump, as well as exercise programs such as radio gymnastics and walking. But tug-of-war, distance running, and wrestling are detrimental to it.

We should focus on grasping the rapid growth period, exercise time, and nutrition intake. Let’s see which sports can increase height!

A brief introduction to sports growth

What are the ideal conditions for growth in height?

A teenager or child who wants to grow taller should practice sports, especially bouncing sports.

When is the best time to exercise to increase height?

  • As the body temperature is lower in the morning, and joints and muscles are stiffer, it’s advisable to exercise at a lighter intensity.
  • Afternoons (14:00-16:00) are the best times to improve strength, and muscle endurance is 50% higher.
  • In the evenings (17:00-19:00), especially when the sun sets, the body’s exercise capacity peaks, and the senses such as sight and hearing are more sensitive, along with the heart rate and blood pressure.

Tip: At 4:00-5:00 p.m., the human body’s metabolic rate reaches its peak, and the body’s flexibility and flexibility are also at their peak; heartbeat and blood pressure are at their most balanced between 5:00-6:00 p.m.; senses such as vision, smell, and touch are at their peak between 5:00-7:00 p.m. Thus, evening exercise is more effective on average.

What are the benefits of exercising to increase height?

Exercise stimulates epiphyses

Growth in height is facilitated by chondrocyte proliferation and ossification in the epiphyseal cartilage plate. Exercise can increase height by 2-3 cm in children who participate in sports regularly. Sports that stimulate knee joints, ankle joints, and spine, such as basketball, swimming, mountain climbing, running, etc., can enhance height.

Enhances calcium absorption

Exercise stimulates growth plates, which leads to stronger calcium absorption, which aids bone development. Especially when children exercise outdoors and get more sunlight, it promotes calcium absorption and bone growth.

Promote growth hormone secretion

In addition to increasing growth hormone secretion after exercise, exercise can also enhance the body’s ability to prevent disease and prevent obesity.

Which Sports Increase Height?

Rope Skipping

Among the best exercises to promote height is rope skipping. It has a stimulating effect on bone growth, improves circulation in the bones, stimulates the secretion of growth hormones, and encourages children to grow taller.


Basketball involves a lot of running and jumping movements that help children stretch their limbs and build bones during their growth period.

Standing Long Jump

Standing a long jump develops explosive power and bouncing power in the lower limbs. It is very exercised for the lower limbs and can promote the growth of bones in the lower body. You must persevere if you want longer legs.

Running on a small slope 

Place two fists on your shoulders, lift your arms forward, and run 50 meters quickly. Repeat this action 5 to 6 times, resting for 30 seconds between each repetition. Running on a small slope every day will yield obvious results in a few months.

Radio Gymnastics

Do radio gymnastics or simple martial arts movements in your spare time, and practice synchronized hand and foot movements. While radio gymnastics movements are simple, they are incredibly effective at stretching the muscles and bones and promoting growth. Radio gymnastics is a great way to exercise our limbs.


After dinner, walk for two hours outside until you are warm. The body has a memory function. After the body accepts the intensity of walking, you can gradually increase the duration and amount of exercise.

High Touch

Jump up with all your strength to reach your reference point. When jumping, give your hands as much upward force as possible. This can be accomplished by taking off in place, trotting a few steps or sprint jumping, and jumping with your legs and one arm in turn to touch the height. Touch the height from the front or jump vertically.


By stretching the arms upwards and snug against the wall, the arms are stretched as far as possible. This contributes to overall body lengthening and relaxation.


Put your back against the ground, arms straight and close to the ground, left knee bent, left foot flat on the ground, right leg up, keeping both thighs on a level plane, and your right foot extended as far as you can for 30 seconds. Switch sides and repeat.

What Sports Make You Shorter?

Distance running

Many parents run long distances every morning with their children, and this is a good idea. Long-distance running with excessive intensity will easily fatigue the muscles and affect the normal development of the muscles in children because their muscles develop longitudinally. However, children’s hearts are smaller and weaker, and their thoraxes are smaller, which leads to lower oxygen uptake and pulmonary ventilation. It is not only difficult for children to supply the energy they need to consume, but also affects their growth and development if they run long distances too often. Excessive long-distance running exerts excessive strain on the heart and lungs, resulting in an insufficient oxygen supply.


In tug-of-war, our bodies lean backward, forwards, or sideways, while our limbs forcefully maintain a fixed position. Particularly when two teams are equally matched, it often takes a certain amount of time. Children’s bones and joints are very delicate and easily injured and deformed. When tug-of-war continues for an extended period, their muscles are constantly tense, requiring them to consume a large amount of oxygen and nutrients, resulting in hypoxia and oxygen deprivation

Arm Wrestling

During arm wrestling, muscles are instantly tense and contracted from a relaxed state. Without the slightest preparation, it is easy to cause cartilage tissue sprains and harm physical health.

Tips and precautions when exercising to increase height

Seize the opportunity for rapid growth

When girls reach 12 years old, they grow most rapidly, while boys reach 14 years old. It is more effective to do some quick and tall exercises during this period when more than 90% of girls have the fastest growth in height between 11-13 years old and boys between 13-15 years old.

Supplements focusing on nutrition

The key to a child’s physical development is nutrition. Children and adults alike need nutrition supplements as they grow taller. It is necessary to obtain protein and amino acids from food. Meat, eggs, beans, and soy products are the main sources. A combination of nutrition and exercise will achieve better results if adequate amounts of calcium, phosphorus, manganese, and iron are consumed.

Workout time

Having rapid growth can exercise muscles, while at the same time promoting the secretion of growth hormone, causing bone tissue to grow faster, and advancing human growth. Exercising for more than 30 minutes, less than 2 hours, too long or too short is not good.