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The benefits of playing basketball go beyond exercising our bodies and improving our physiques. It also enhances our psychological well-being and endurance.
Playing basketball can also cause damage to our bodies if we are not careful. Playing basketball cannot avoid physical contact or falls, which will lead to periosteal damage, thickened finger joints, large impact forces on the knee, and prone to joint ligament strains and sprains.Thus, it is still important to follow some safety precautions when playing basketball in order to avoid injury.

Benefits of playing basketball

basketball benefits

The Physical Benefits of Basketball

Prevent cardiovascular disease effectively

During basketball, muscles tension increases the work of the heart, blood supply and metabolism of the myocardium are strengthened, myocardial fibers thicken, the heart wall thickens, the heart volume increases, the shape of the heart is perfect, and the pulsation is good.
There is also a cure for cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the world today. According to research, people who died of cardiovascular diseases also ranked first among all deaths. A number of studies have shown that regular basketball can significantly reduce cardiovascular disease risk.

Weight loss and body shaping

It is well known that excessive obesity can affect the physiological function of people, especially to increase the burden on the heart and shorten the life expectancy. If a person’s subcutaneous fat exceeds the normal standard of 15%-25%, then his death risk increases to 30%.
By playing basketball, we can lose body fat, strengthen our muscles, and keep our joints flexible, thus improving our appearance and shape.

Improve the function of the heart

It has been shown that regular basketball exercise can increase heart function, increase stroke volume, thicken the media of the arterial wall, increase smooth muscle cells and elastic fibers; increase the number of capillaries in skeletal muscles, branching The coronary ostium is thickened and the weight is increased, resulting in greater blood supply and function of organs, including the heart itself. At the same time, basketball can lower blood pressure and reduce serum cholesterol levels, which can prevent high blood pressure.。

Reducing diabetes risk

Diabetes is characterized by high blood sugar levels, which can lead to other health problems like vision loss and kidney failure if left untreated. Playing basketball regularly can greatly reduce the possibility of developing diabetes as it lowers blood sugar levels.

Enhance digestion

Playing basketball will lead to consuming more nutrients in the body, as well as increasing metabolism, which will result in a greater appetite. Additionally, it will improve the function of the liver and pancreas, ensuring a longer and healthier life.

Participating in basketball regularly can improve a variety of physical qualities

During exercise, the body’s various organs, including nerves, breathing, and blood circulation, must function at maximum capacity. This leads to gradual improvements in physical fitness.

Metal Benefits of Playing Basketball

  • Improve teenagers’ body shape caused by thinness, obesity, and bad habits, and increase self-confidence;
  • Reduce the child’s academic stress, activate the brain, and improve learning efficiency;
  • Develop communication skills and leadership skills, as well as cultivate a spirit of unity and cooperation among children;
  • Develop the ability to persevere and self-regulate;
  • Develop basketball talents and potentials, as well as basic basketball skills;
  • Develop a healthy, cheerful, and confident mind, master beautiful techniques, and show more courage;
  • Improve your holiday life and make more friends;
  • Develop interest in children who are addicted to the Internet, don’t like exercise, introverted, and easy to get sick.

Spiritual Benefits of Basketball

  • There is a kind of spirit that embodies basketball. The owners of the franchise are not losers of competition, but brilliant creators. They represent both unyielding, tenacious, and never-ending spirit of basketball.
  • Basketball is a team sport, and teamwork is essential. A basketball team is not a one-man show!
  • Basketball spirit is not fought alone. Everyone’s strength is undoubtedly the greatest.
  • No brothers, no basketball (the game is for five players.)
  • Even if you are Jordan, you still need Pippen’s assistance.

Disadvantages of Playing Basketball

Physical contact and falls are inevitable when playing basketball. Poor bone quality can result in bone damage and periosteal damage.

It is also common for people who play basketball regularly to have thicker finger joints, a relatively large impact force on the knee, and joint ligament strains and sprains.

Tips & Precautions for Basketball Playing

1. Starting with a warm up

Generally, you need to warm up before strenuous exercise. Basketball is no different. Before playing basketball, it is recommended to warm up in all positions. Let the leg muscles relax first to avoid cramps caused by high-intensity jumping and running.

2. The venue

In terms of safety issues, let’s look at the basketball court. Nowadays, the majority of outdoor basketball courts are made of plastic and only a small amount of it is still made of cement. Flat cement is fine, but fluffy cement is bad. Generally, a fall will cause a lot of damage, so it is best to choose a plastic court.
Choosing plastic courts has the disadvantage of being easy to slip, so we must select the weather when we play. After the rain, even if we mop, the ground is still slippery. Note that it can’t be too intense or simply do not choose this sort of weather.

3. Skill

Despite the fact that playing basketball can depend on skill or body, I recommend playing basketball by skill. Playing with the body can lead to accidents, and playing on the court can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts, so it is better to rely more on skills rather than relying solely on body to play basketball.

4. Drink plenty of water

You will lose a lot of electrolytes and vitamins in the midsummer heat, so take proper rest, drink warm water, and add salt water (cut don’t drink cold water madly) or glucose, which can effectively relieve physical fatigue and maintain physical function.